Frequently Asked Questions

We want to deliver the best Touchless Experience possible. Please contact us if you have any questions that are not answered below. Thanks!

How does the event process work?   Our game coach will come set up all equipment before the event, then will guide guests on how to play safely and enjoyably, and afterwards pack it all up. Since every event and space is different, we will discuss all the details specific to your booking to make sure we deliver the best experience, such as group sizes, setup location, and any other logistics to make your event run smoothly.

Why use Touchless Arcades for my event?   This unique & interactive attraction will generate a ton of excitement for any event! Here are some examples of the benefits of having the Touchless Experience:

Touchless Arcades are fun and healthy for your mind and body, engaging your guests in active play, games, and exercise.

We are able to entertain large groups with many players at a time to reduce long lines, allowing more guests to experience the fun.

Our games help foster children's natural curiosities while developing many essential skills such as: Imaginative & Creative Play, Problem Solving, Discovery & Exploration, Self-expression, Motor Skills, Cause & Effect, Imitative Play, Hand-Eye Coordination, Colors & Shapes Exploration, Spatial Awareness

We have a variety of games and interactions to entertain all ages and skill levels, from casual play to intense gaming. Even those with no interest whatsoever in video gaming really get into the casual interactive play.

Our games are stress-free and touch-free. There is no hardware, controllers, or headsets to mess with. It's just you being the star of the game!

They are a healthy way of blending mental and physical activity

Use the power of play to motivate! Our services can be used as incentives or rewards for fund raisers, or motivation to achieve goals.

Promote yourself! We offer the ability to customize the interactions by adding your logo into the game itself, or use themes that match your event. We can also develop customized touchless interactions for any purpose. Engage your audience with the info you want them to see.

Who can play Touchless Arcades?   Our games are enjoyable for just about everyone! Babies, kids, parents, grandparents, even those with no interest whatsoever in video gaming really get into the casual interactive play. We have a variety of games and interactions to entertain all ages and skill levels, from casual play to intense gaming. We aim to create games that can be enjoyed by all but also have more intricate objectives for more advanced players. Many special needs guests are able to join in on the fun as well.

How much space do I need?   The recommended size for open floor space is 12' x 15' for each system, but smaller spaces can be acceptable depending on layout. Please contact us for more details on how it would work for your space.

How many Arcades do I need?   It depends. Every event/venue is unique and will have different needs. The best and easiest way to know is to call, and we're happy to answer any questions, give you recommendations, and quotes over the phone! For larger events and festivals, many people come through to play. For smaller groups and parties, guests can keep going back to enjoy the games again and again. Each game lasts an average of 1 minutes, and some games are 2-player, so each Arcade can handle an average of 90 players/hour. We are able to adjust the settings to make the games longer or shorter, based on your needs. If you are unsure, feel free to call us and we will be happy to chat with you and give a recommendation for your event.

What is the pricing?   Our pricing is listed on our website here: Touchless Experience Pricing
Note: Customers are not charged for setup & tear down times

Can Touchless Arcades be played outdoors?   Yes! Our Premium Arcades can absolutely be enjoyed outdoors provided an amply shaded area and weather permitting. Temperatures must be below 90°F and humidity below 85% for the system electronics to operate outdoors.

What about privacy and security concerns?   We strive to protect your privacy and ensure that our systems are secure from potential risks. Our interactive systems are not equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and do not require internet connection, so there is zero risk of online hacking or piracy. Our software does not record or save any data, video, audio, or images. You can rest assured knowing that the safety and privacy of your guests will be maintained to the highest standards.

What about safety concerns?   Our setup is designed to give ample space for players in the play zone, and Game Coach is there to ensure your guests can all play safely together. Our games do promote excited movement and physical activity, so there may be some occasional bumping into each other just like any physical sport, although we've had thousands of players and zero injuries! We are also fully insured for all events, and will provide certificates listing the venue upon request.

Can I use my own TV screen?   Upon request, our games can be played on many different TVs, projectors, monitors. Please give advanced notice to confirm compatibility.

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