About Us

Reflection Entertain is a family owned and operated small business from Garland, TX, USA since 2017. We specialize in creating unique and innovative experiences for schools, churches, and family events. We want to break away from the normal concepts of touch screens and video games, and give you new, exciting experiences that get you engaged in active learning. We bring together new and old technologies in fun, inventive ways to create stimulating activities that get you moving and learning at the same time!

Born from the brain of Bryan Ransom, an engineer and innovator of science and entertainment, the aim of Reflection Entertain is to create fun experiences that get people excited about science, technology, art, and physical fitness! Bryan holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas, and has many years experience years designing and manufacturing opto-electronic products. He is also a proud dad, too!

Why Choose Us

Our entertainment program is proven to be a healthy and exciting experience that is accessible to just about everyone. You don't need to be a gamer to get into our interactions. In fact, lots of our guests have remarked that this is a fun activity that parents can enjoy with their kids and even bond over. We have many repeat customers due to our outstanding service and positive experiences. If you want to see your guests get up and moving and add some excitement to your event, get the Touchless Arcade Experience!

Art Meet Tech

Visual Communication musn't be dull.